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Friday, 30 May 2014

In just over five years Britain will have run out of oil, coal and gas, researchers have warned.

"Coal, oil and gas resources in Europe are running down and we need alternatives"
Prof Victor Anderson, Global Sustainibility Institute finite fossil fuel resources and crippling energy costs, businesses and homeowners are now searching for efficient, effective and affordable solutions to heat and generate energy for their properties.Attractive government incentives, realistic ‘return on investment’ and continuous technological improvements, NOW make it the perfect time to turn GREEN and start making those essential savings on your energy bills.Mitsubishi Electric’s award winning Ecodan Heat Pump offers superb efficiency, advanced control and complete design flexibility. The Ecodan is an affordable, clean and effective alternative to existing fossil fuel heating systems. So if you are building new premises or thinking of replacing an existing boiler, now is an ideal time to consider the heat pump technology.
air cool engineering (NI) Ltd is a Mitsubishi Electric approved ECODAN installer.  For further details about this award winning renewable energy system, call our offices on +44(0)28 777 67114 or email here.

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