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Thursday, 30 May 2013

In'll be one BIG radiator under our feet!

The heat's certainly being 'pumped-up' at our new offices.  Last week, all hands were on deck as the team laid nearly 1400m of pipe for our office's underfloor heating AND pumped over two lorry loads of screed into the building. Have a peek at the video to see the screed being 'spread tested' prior to pumping into the offices.

What's so good about the screed we've used?

1.  The screed completely 'encapsulates' the heating pipes giving unrivalled heat response and
     greater efficiency in home heating systems
2.  Our heating system will reach its operating temperature twice as quickly as traditional
3.  Pumping the screed into place is simple and fast  - our office was 'pumped' within 3 hrs!
4.  The screed offers low shrinkage, is flexible, jointless and crack-free
5.  The screed does not require sanding
6.  All common floor coverings including carpet, timber, tiles and vinyl can be used

Over the next week, we will update you on the exciting heating system which will make homeowners and businesses alike - rethink how to heat and provide hot water for our properties in the future.

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